Special LED Lighting Solution

Afterglow-Free lights solution

Afterglow, which often occurs when installing LED lighting, is a long-standing problem for customers in the LED lighting business.
In particular, the frequency of occurrence of this afterglow phenomenon is increasing depending on the situation as LED built-in switches or touch-type light switches are frequently used recently.

Afterglow removal technology and module products developed and patented by GREENCHIP will help customers free from the troublesome afterglow problem.

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Standby energy-saving sensor lights solution

GREENCHIP's energy-saving sensor lighting solutions will make your LED sensor lighting products more valuable and competitive.
Need to be checked the difference in standby power of the sensor lighting below. It is necessary to recognize how much energy this difference in technology saves and contributes to human environmental protection.

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Energy-saving 20W sensor lighting (GREENCHIP)

MODE Operation Standby
Input Wattage 19.69W 43mW
Input Voltage 200~240 (VAC)
Input Current 92mA 0.2mA
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor 0.96 ↑ (at. 220VAC) 0.93 ↑ (at. 220VAC)
THD 15% ↓ (at. 220VAC) 15% ↓ (at. 220VAC)
Luminous Flux 2400 lm -

SMPS type 15W sensor lighting (Competitors)

MODE Operation Standby
Input Wattage 14.39W 717mW
Input Voltage 200~240 (VAC)
Input Current 71mA 19mA
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power Factor 0.9 ↑ (at. 220VAC) 0.16 ↑ (at. 220VAC)
THD 30% ↓ (at. 220VAC) 10% ↓ (at. 220VAC)
Luminous Flux 1050 lm -
1 month usage[W] 1 year usage[W] Estimated monthly
CO2 emission[Kg]
Estimated annual
CO2 emission[Kg]
sensor lighting
33.48W 394W 0.01Kg 0.15Kg
Competitors 15W
sensor lighting
520.8W 6,132W 0.22Kg 2.58Kg
Energy saving amount 487.32W 5,738W 0.21Kg 2.43Kg






The GreenPOS™ is a trademark of GREENCHIP Inc, which means Power Oriented Solution

The AC Direct type LED driver can be provided at a competitive unit price along with a more diverse function support and convenient development environment in the existing SMPS LED driver-oriented LED lighting market.
The advantage of the AC Direct method is that compared to the existing SMPS and Buck type methods composed of complex and bulky passive elements, the design of the lighting equipment is possible with a significantly simplified power stage configuration, thereby reducing cost and extending the life span by more than 5 times. . In addition, PF and Power Efficiency characteristics are excellent, and the advantage is that there are fewer EMI issues than SMPS.


The GreenTouch™ is a trademark of GREENCHIP Touch sensor solution

GreenTouch™ , the core technology of GREENCHIP's touch sensors, is the most fundamental touch sensing algorithm that guarantees the reliability of capacitive touch sensors..

The Noise Buster™ circuit is embedded in GreenTouch5™ engine.

“Noise Buster™” circuit detects the sensing frequency affected by noise and determines the frequency at which interference can be reduced and serves to reduce the amount of noise applied to the SINx and RIN.
As a result, the GreenTouch5™ engine changes the sensing frequency to reflect the result, and helps the sensor to operate normally even in a noisy environment. (CS, RS, EFT, Impulse, Power ripple and etc.)