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What is GreenPOSTM Family?

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  • GreenPOSTM is advanced own topology of GreenChip Inc. for the LED lighting system.
  • LED lighting application more convenient and can be efficiently implemented.
  • High efficiency, high power factor of the lighting system implemented to ensure the new topology.
  • Solutions for a variety of lighting according to the characteristics application.
  • Embedded various Dimming solution.
  • Support various communication functions for intelligent lighting system.
  • Flickerless Technology provided.

GP8000 Series : AC Direct Drive solution for LED Lighting application

What is the benefit of GP8000 Series?

  • Small circuit with less component ☞ Saving material cost
  • Long life time ☞ Lower maintenance cost
  • Less quality issue ☞ High reliability
  • High efficiency, PF, THD etc. ☞ ECO Friendly
  • No use transformer ☞ Free from EMI noise
  • Design flexibility ☞ Available aesthetic design
Part Main Features VINmax OUTPUT Current Dimming OUTPUT Power Package
GP8260ESO – GreenPOSTM Topology
– Direct AC 6-Tap LED Driver
– Low Cost & High Power
– High Efficiency more than 90%
– Power Factor over 0.98
– Low THD less than 15%
– Protection : Soft Start, TSD
DC 450V 400mA PWM,
~60W 16ESOP
GP8100ESO – GreenPOSTM Topology
– Direct AC 5-Tap LED Driver
– Low Cost & Middle Power
– Power / THD Compensation
– High Efficiency more than 90%
– Power Factor over 0.95
– Protection : TSD
DC 450V 200mA PWM,
~18W 16ESOP
GP8110Q – GreenPOSTM Topology
– Direct AC 1-Tap LED Driver
– Very Low Cost & Low Power
– High Efficiency more than 90%
– High PF, Low THD
– Protection : TSD, Thermal Trip
DC 450V 100mA TRIAC ~10W SOT-89-3L
GP380Q – GreenPOSTM Topology
– Current Adj. Simple DC LED Driver
– Wide Input Voltage : 8V~300V
– Output On Res. : Typ. 80Ω
– Supply Current 0.5mA at VIN 10V
– Protection : TSD, Thermal Trip
DC 300V 100mA On/Off
With Ext. BRT
or GHV4502D
~10W SOT-89-5L


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Part Main Features VINmax OUTPUT Current Package
GHV4502D – N-Channel Power MOSFET
– 0.2A, 450V, Rds(on)=45Ω at Vgs=10V
– Low gate charge (typical 1.8nC)
– Low Crss (typical 3.5pF)
DC 450V 200mA DPAK

GHV4502D is N-channel Power MOS field effect transistors using GreenPOSTM DMOS technology.
This technology has been especially optimized to minimize gate charge.
These devices are well suited for AC Direct drive LED Lighting application with GP8000 series.

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Bulb Product Input Power Input Voltage Frequency Luminous Color Temp. Socket Certification Image
GPM8WBC 8W 220V~240Vac 50/60Hz 730 lm 6500K E26/E27
GPM8WBW 8W 220V~240Vac 50/60Hz 630 lm 3000K E26/E27
GPM12WBC 12W 220V~240Vac 50/60Hz 1050 lm 6500K E26/E27
GPM12WBW 12W 220V~240Vac 50/60Hz 950 lm 3000K E26/E27