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About GreenChip

The GreenchipInc. a fab-less system semiconductor design and engineering expert, holds the variety of know-how and abundant experience in DIGITAL, ANALOG and Mixed signal SoC semiconductors. Further, the Greenchip Inc. offers the utmost development service for customers with its world best quality products by proactively and smoothly responding to those diversified technical needs required from world prominent clients and partners taking advantage of in-house technologies on various modules and application programs based on the to-date accumulated SoC design capability.
Not to mention the substantiality of above, all the management and employees of Greenchip have been exerting their best effort in strengthening the differentiated R & D system, effective production control and quality management system in constant recognition of those core corporate values securing the maximized product values and world highest quality for their esteemed customers.

The Greenchip Inc. has successfully developed the world top notch level TOUCH SENSOR IC and TOUCH KEY MODULE based on the accumulated electrostatic capacitance type touch sensing technology, offering the diverse line of product solutions such as Liquid Level Sensor, Seat Sensor & others employing the mentioned technology.

Moreover, the Greenchip is committed to constantly strive for maximizing the R & D activities in order to secure the technologies required in developing the core components for the wide variety of industries including home appliances, multi-media, automobile & etc. As well, the management and employees of Greenchip are all determined to organize the close communication and collaborating network with customers for planning of the world best products.