Azealia Banks Blasted For Telling Gay Men To Prevent Unsafe Sex / Olly Alexander Weighs In

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Azealia Banks Blasted For Telling Gay Men To Prevent Unsafe Sex / Olly Alexander Weighs In

Azealia Banks Blasted For Telling Gay Men To Prevent Unsafe Sex / Olly Alexander Weighs In

Azealia Banking institutions sparked a debate on safe intercourse inside the LGBT community times ago when she condemned Pop tradition’s recommendation of PrEP, a product which-according to its manufacturers- is believed to protect users from contracting HIV.

The rapper took to social networking to criticise Frank Ocean for cashing in onto it, and urged anybody who places their life in danger by having unsafe sex with many lovers simply because they think will they be protected by the product to look for psychiatric assistance.

Her advice been met with praise…and criticism that is intense.

Ideas and emotions below…

In another video clip, she unveiled that she had been worried that big corporations and shadowy figures had been exploiting the homosexual community for profit, and recommended which they had been motivating visitors to participate in high-risk sexual intercourse to produce interest in the pills for like PrEP and Efavirenz.

Olly for the musical organization Years and Years shared…

we ask for individuals become only a little thoughtful it raw before they start labeling people on prep as – in azealia’s case, just whores who want. it is homophobic as well as it generally does not bother you in any way

I don’t think anyone ended up being fast to think of prep users as whores. Her point had been clear (although her language ended up being rough): don’t take meds if you’re able to assist having better intercourse practices. BUT y’all can’t help but strike Azealia if you’re able to drive a revolution of hate. Shameful.

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The individuals hating on her are reaching. We do not think she’d phone homosexual people ‘wh0res’ whenever gays are her buggest fan base. Facts are, Prep is marketed to gays! a right individual asking their physician to recommend prep often gets rejected since the medical community deems right people as a much reduced risk of getting H we V. Azalea is eligible for her viewpoint and I also do not think there is any maliciousness inside her viewpoint. It seemed honest and simple

We once asked for a H** ensure that mail order bride you had been told I would personallyn’t require one because We wasn’t resting with guys. A*** is not a homosexual condition but the medical community understands it as a far larger issue when you look at the lgbt community than its when you look at the right one.

Stop it. No pro would inform you that, EVER. And then you should have reported them if they did.

G-bby it’s very typical into the medical community for doctors to reject needs for Prep by straight individuals! The health detriments of Prep (kidney and liver harm) outweigh the feasible advantages for whatever they consider as low-risk clients.

I’m talking about Swim Good being denied A h** test.

Jasmine does your cheating husband take prep

Why could you like to participate in risky s** anyway?? I mean H** is high when you look at the homosexual community irrespective of a pill designed to reduce risk that’s just stupid.

The maximum amount of as i really do nothing like Azealia Banks, she did earn some good points. As a homosexual guy myself, i actually do perhaps perhaps perhaps not trust prep since it is therefore brand new plus some people do view it as a green light to own unprotected s** with strangers. People should just be smart with regards to choices and smart with whom they choose have as a partner that is sexual. But yes, she made an extremely point that is good how a e-cigarettes and caping were marketed as a secure alternative to old-fashioned cigarettes and from now on these teenagers come in hospitals struggling with irreparable lung harm. I really do not trust prep but I really do feel just like it really is a solution that is good many people. Azaleas delivery had been incorrect but she ended up beingn’t totally out of line…

Wtf? I really agree along with her! Lots of homosexual individuals believe that they can just go HAM! However there are other STDs it does NOT protect from because they are on the pill! Plus it’s not really 100% effective! Exactly what a fu*ked up world we are now living in whenever we repel knowledge !

We agree together with her too. Simply because the product is always to help alleviate problems with you against the herpes virus does not always mean start f****** raw just with every person. Physically we gone trust the product 100% and also while about it, still WRAP IT! Their is a remedy for every thing but then the government and others can not profit of the sick if it’s accessible. Let that sink in

By the end associated with the GROWN people are gonna do what they wanna do day. Using PrEP will not supply the green light to unprotected promiscuous tasks. It’s said to be taken along with protection that is using.

Frank ought to be promoting safe s** along the board to any or all prep, condoms etc. He is promoting have all the s** u want on prep. I’m exactly like wtf. It does not guard against one other conditions. He must certanly be getting bareback all almost all the time very long. He’s doing those orgy parties and partying in the time that is same. I believe it’s all for their individual gain during my eyes offering product.

Y’all pay her an excessive amount of attention. Her whole being happens to be unimportant.

We can’t stay this troll but tbh I’m bi rather than one particular gay dudes that say bi to appear less homosexual my final relationship ended up being with a female. I did son’t listen to her rant but We have actuallyn’t trusted prep from jump. It’s too new and like someone pointaged out e cigs ppl that is now killing. In the event that you wished to be rid of a number of gay ppl have you thought to let them have a supplement to “stop” H** infections. It could should be out ALOT LONGER before We remotely trust it.

Hey Normani just isn’t lying right right here She spill the reality. Let’s flow Broke with Expensive Taste and inspiration

Every medicine available to you has some type or style of negative effects. We understand the perspective Azealia is talking from nevertheless it is merely that a viewpoint. There is absolutely no logic behind it simply homophobia and a one sided POV. She actually is making a declaration with no facts and compiling every homosexual guy into one community. She’s reinforcing a stigma of prep and prep users rather than promoting s** that are safe. Let’s remind ourself that Azealia while excessively smart has constantly placed herself in an accepted spot where her terms are click bait and breathtaking. Azealia requires a hug of course she really desired to be an advocate and desired any genuine white light than you will find companies she can affiliate by herself with and better ways on her behalf which will make a significant difference and speak out more effortlessly. She rather gets on livestream and talks aggressively and adversely. The individuals whom state “she speaks facts” need to additionally do a little more research to be able to teach themselves on really what this woman is saying. The distribution behind her message is nearly hateful to your lgbtq+ community and even though she by by herself identifies as an ally.

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